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UX stands for user experience and encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. The aim of using UX tools is to understand your users, their needs, and pains to provide them with an enjoyable and engaging experience while using your product. It is an iterative process to create easy-to-use, intuitive digital products
UI stands for user interface, and it is the process of designing the graphical layout of your products. The goal of UI design is to create an aesthetic look and feel for your website, that is accessible and visually appealing. UI design focuses on visual touchpoints that let users interact with a product. This can include typography, color palettes, buttons, illustrations, and other imagery.
SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process of improving your website to gain more visibility when people search for products or services related to your business online. With the right SEO tools and settings, you can reach a more favorable placing on the Google result page.

We are a newly formed product design agency founded by a brother-sister duo, Péter and Anett. Péter has more than 20 years of experience with companies in the field of pharma, medtech, agrar, paper and steel industries, plus contract manufacturing. His broad knowledge of company processes helps us to understand your needs and the service you expect. After finishing university Anett spent numerous years working for one of the top agencies in Hungary, designing complex applications and websites for Austrian and Hungarian fin-tech and banking institutions.
We have started our company because we believe small and medium businesses deserve high quality online appearance and branding. Although for most businesses online presence is essential, most of them have trouble reaching new customers and engaging users. We would like to help smaller businesses reach their goals and vision with the help of the experience we have gained by working with big, multinational companies.

We believe collaboration is the key to a successful partnership, that’s why we work closely with our clients. To ensure we interpret your vision well, we organize meetings regularly where we present our process and grant access to an online link where you can comment on the designs whenever you want.

Every project has its unique needs, and the scope and timeline can only be defined after we have discussed your goals and objectives. The time needed depends on various factors, such as complexity, the required services, the frequency of meetings and the number of changes requested. The basic changes can be done within one or two weeks, whereas complex modifications can take several weeks.

We use WordPress, which is the most used (more than 40% of all websites on the Internet are created with it) open-source content management system in the world. WordPress allows us to build various functionalities to your website (contact form, newsletter service, live chat, etc.), which can be optimized for mobile and SEO-friendly. More importantly, you can easily manage your content by yourself.

The basis of our process is the design thinking and the double diamond framework. However, every project is different and has its unique needs and requirements. Therefore we modify and shape our processes to suit your needs best. We believe by applying these human-centered iterative processes, we can understand users better, challenge assumptions and create innovative solutions for your business.

Yes, after we created your website you can hire us for additional maintenance services to keep your website up-to-date, and add any additional content or feature to it.

Yes, we gladly help you modernize your existing website to meet the requirements of today’s users. Whether you need a full rebranding, or would like to generate more leads and make your website accessible, we are ready for the challenge.

We are based in Budapest, Hungary, and Innsbruck, Austria, however our meetings and presentations are held online.